Private Coaching

Individualized training and support is a powerful and fast-acting way to address your acting needs and gain skills. Online private coaching allows students to work with Sonya and other Seven Pillars Acting instructors from all over the world.


1 Session

60 minutes

Private sessions are scheduled based on the teacher and student's mutual availability. All sessions are 60 minutes.




10 Sessions

60 minutes

The 10-session package is the best value for actors who know they plan to commit long-term to training.



4 Sessions

60 minutes

By purchasing a package, you lock in the best value. 



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7PA Teachers

1-10 sessions

There are many Seven Pillars Acting Instructors available for private coaching at lower rates.



8 Sessions

60 minutes

Sonya is available for coaching in-person in Baton Rouge, California, and via Skype or FaceTime.