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Internship Application Form

Offset tuition costs by interning for Seven Pillars Acting. Only 1-2 internships will be granted. Internships can cover all or portions of tuition costs, depending on interns' availability and the needs of the program. Each intern will first arrange and agree to a plan and schedule before officially joining the internship program. Remote intern hours are based on a $20/hr basis, in other words remote interns will not be asked to work more than 59 hours in order to cover the full tuition costs. Onsite interns agree to assist during the entire certification program, with an additional hour or two either at the beginning or end of the day to help with set-up and breakdown of the training.

Please fill out the form below in order to apply. The internship program is on a first-come basis; there is no firm deadline to apply. Submit your application as soon as you are able in order to be considered.

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